G’day Friends Package

G'day Friends package
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We create your profile

We translate your profile

When your Chinese visitors scan your QR Code they can read about your business, product and services in their own language.

Your profile allows them to view photos, contact details and share with their friends.

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Welcome your Chinese visitors into your store with our trademark ‘Welcome Friends’ displays.

Your G’day Friends sticker identifies your business as Chinese friendly and helps break down the language and cultural barriers.

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G'day Friends - Window sticker and tent card
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Train yourself and your staff on how to best serve your Chinese visitors with over 50 training resources.

Login to the Business Centre and contact our team at any time for confidential help and support

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5 Keys to Chinese Customer Success

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How to scan your QR Code

Steps to scanning a QR Code

(Note: you may need to download a 3rd party QR Code scanner app)